Our Services

The practice offers a wide range of services which you can read about below

Services Available

Antenatal Clinic

Your doctor and midwife work together as a team. Your doctor will check pregnant patients during routine surgeries. The midwife runs antenatal clinics on Thursdays. There is also a clinic at Observatory Medical Practice on a Wednesday which is available to our patients who are unable to attend on a Thursday.

Family Planning

All the doctors and our practice nurse provide advice on all contraception methods and perform the appropriate checks.

Baby & Health Child Drop In Sessions

The Health Visitors offer a drop in clinic on Mondays from 10am - 11.30am at Jericho Health Centre. Drop in with your baby for advice and sharing experiences with other new parents.

There are other sessions throughout Oxford go to the NCT website for more information.

Minor Operations

Dr Leaver performs minor surgery. Please make a routine appointment initially so that the problem may be assessed and options discussed.

NHS Checks

Stacey and Karen offer NHS Check Clinics for patient between the ages of 40 and 74 who are eligible.  You will recieve an invitation but if you would like to find out more, please contact the Surgery.  For more information please visit the NHS website

Phlebotomy Service

If you need a blood test, please book an appointment in the phlebotomy clinics which run every week day. 

Student Services

We have a particular interest in students; about one third of our patients are undergraduate or postgraduate students of Oxford University and a number of other patients are recent alumni, students of other Universities, or faculty members.

Medical Certificates for the University

As college doctors for a number of colleges, we are used to providing medical evidence in support of special exam arrangements, consideration of under-performance, confirmation of disability, applications for extensions, or to suspend student status on medical grounds. In 2015 the University has introduced a new form for such evidence (which our practice has been involved in developing). 

Please make an appointment with one of the doctors (not a locum or a trainee) if you need such support. Please make sure you bring details of the relevant academic examinations or assessments. If you have consulted a doctor or other professional (e.g. counsellor) it may help to bring a report from them and/or to ensure they have your permission to talk to us. We can only provide robust evidence of illness if you have consulted us during that illness, or we have received evidence from another professional.

If a relatively junior tutor or lecturer has suggested you should "get a note for your exams", please check with the Senior Tutor (or equivalent) of your College to find out whether it is likely to be helpful. The University is very clear that the vast majority of medical certificates citing factors affecting performance, do not result in any change to the class of degree, especially when an illness impaired revision for a short time, affecting all papers generally.

All certificates for students are not part of our NHS work. Most colleges for whom we are 'college doctors' have negotiated an arrangement so that we do not charge individuals for certificates relating to Oxford degrees. Certificates for other institutions will require payment (e.g. certificates of fitness to study abroad, scholarship applications, confirmation of vaccination etc.).

The Treatment Room

Appointments are available to see a nurse on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for:

  • Dressing of wounds and ulcers
  • Removal of stitches
  • Contraceptive pill checks
  • Travel advice and vaccinations
  • Child Immunisations
  • Diabetes, Asthma and COPD reviews
  • Treatment injections e.g. denosumab
  • Vaccinations
  • NHS Health Checks

Travel Immunisations

We provide a comprehensive and individually tailored programme of inoculations, including Yellow Fever for travel to all parts of the world. Remember to leave plenty of time to have the injections before you go. For ordinary package holidays 4-6 weeks is usually sufficient but for more extensive travel at least 3 months may be required.

If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant, it may be advisable to discuss the immunisations or malaria prophylaxis for an exotic holiday with the Practice Nurse, before booking your holiday.

Further information, including our Travel Questionnaire can be found here